2100 E Leclaire Rd #3 Eldridge, IA 52748

Our Staff

ConorOwner/ Head Coach – Conor Ryan

  • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
  • CrossFit Gymnastics Trainer
  • CrossFit Kids Coach
  • Aberrant CF Programmer

Conor comes to Aberrant CrossFit after spending more than 5 years training in CrossFit methodologies. Conor has always had a passion for athletics, as well as coaching others. After graduating from high school in 2008, Conor found CrossFit, and used it as a way to stay in shape, as well as to stay competitive in a sport. Conor found his passion for coaching while attending Western Illinois University, where he spent much of his time outside of class coaching others through CrossFit workouts. Conor has a great passion and desire to help others achieve their goals, and believes that CrossFit is the means to do so.

RichCoach- Rich Miller

  • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

Rich Miller has been a part of CrossFit community for three years and has been with Aberrant since February. He completed the level 1 CrossFit training in 2014. As a father of three and a native North Scott resident, Rich is very excited to train others at Aberrant CrossFit.

“I started CrossFit in my mid thirties, when the weight started packing on. I tried going to gyms and doing my own workout, but I couldn’t get any results. There is something about the whole CrossFit experience that makes a competitive environment very enjoyable. The community is so supportive and positive, I knew it was a good fit for me right away. I noticed myself always trying to give advice and help others during the workout, so I thought I’d share my love for CrossFit with others.”
“CrossFit is an awesome sport. You can jump in at any level and improve your overall health. I’m in the best shape of my life, right now and I want others to share in that feeling. That’s why I wanted to train and help them achieve their goals.

TenneshaCoach- Tennesha Duvyejonck

  • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
  • CrossFit Mobility Trainer

Tennesha Duyvejonck is one of our founding members, joining the gym in February, 2014. Although Aberrant was her first exposure to CrossFit, her unique passion for fitness and helping others is a trait she has long possessed. She graduated from St. Ambrose University in 2002 with a B.S. in Fitness and Human Performance and a B.A. in Physical Education/Health. She has 16 years of combined experience in many areas of fitness in addition to teaching PE and Health at the high school level for 5 years. A Quad City native, Tennesha, her husband Andrew and their four children moved back to the Quad Cities in 2013 from Kansas and made Eldridge their new home. After she became part of our CrossFit family, it did not take us long to realize that we wanted her to join us as a coach. She completed her Level 1 CrossFit training in Chicago in August, 2014 and began coaching immediately after.

“I L.O.V.E. being back in the fitness field, especially as a CrossFit trainer. Like many CrossFit coaches, I have the unique perspective of being both a CrossFit athlete and coach. As an athlete, I walked into CrossFit with a goal of getting back into shape and maintaining the muscle mass that I could at my age. CrossFit took that mindset and tossed it to one side and challenged me to see what I am truly capable of. After pushing through months of grueling workouts, I started to realize that I am capable of so much more than what I thought. That is one of the many things I love about CrossFit. It provides a safe and encouraging environment for everyone to push through limits you may have placed on yourself. I can absolutely say that I am in the best shape of my life! As exciting as it is to see my fitness levels improve, it is even more exhilarating to me when one of our athletes achieves one of their goals. Whether it is weight loss, achieving a personal best, nailing down the mechanics of a movement, or overcoming a fear, CrossFit is a means to improving yourself. I walk out of our box feeling AWESOME! Thank you Conor and Jarrad for giving me this opportunity. I give a special thank you to all of our Aberrent athletes for allowing me to be part of your fitness journey!”

JaredHamiltonCoach- Jared Hamilton

  • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
  • High school and college sports
  • Military
  • Firefighter/EMT

Why CrossFit?

I started CrossFit in Feb of 2014 with the goal of getting in better shape after a couple of eye opening experiences at work. Everyone that I have ever talked to always says it’s so hard to get back in shape when your “my age”, so I decided not to let that happen and made a lifestyle change. Once I made the change there was no going back, with the support system that CrossFit has and the community that comes with it, it becomes extremely easy to look forward to the next workout regardless of what it may be. After about 6 months of training I started thinking about how to give back and how to help others meet their fitness goals whatever they may be, which leads me to where I am today and am enjoying every minute of it.


Coach – Brandy Ragona 

  • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer 

Spouse name: Paul

Kids name and ages: Joey (17), Tyler (14), Elise (10)
Favorite Movie: “Elf” of course!

Favorite Sports teams: Iowa Hawkeyes and the North Scott Lancers!

Favorite CrossFit movement: Snatch – even though it is the one that needs the most work! I think that is why I like it so much – it continues to challenge me!
Favorite CrossFit workout: I Love, Love Love: “Filthy Fifty & Fight Gone Bad! They are two workouts that are mentally and physically challenging for me. I love the feeling afterwords, knowing that I stuck with it and completed them when I really wanted to quit! Plus I like being able to track my progress with both.

Hobbies: Watching my own children’s sporting events and dance recitals, CrossFit, being outdoors, reading, spending time with family and friends.

When did you start at Aberrant CrossFit: I started at Aberrant CrossFit when it very first opened in 2014.
Why did you start at Aberrant CrossFit : I had previously been doing CrossfFit for about 7 months before coming to Aberrant CrossFit. I knew Aberrant was going to be a special place and amazing place that would provide many great new opportunities and experiences, and I wanted to be a part of that! I love everything about this gym! It is my home away from home.
What is your favorite thing about Aberrant CrossFit : My favorite part of Aberrant CrossFit is most definitely the people. Everyone is so inspiring and genuinely caring.

What is your favorite thing about coaching at Aberrant CrossFit: Before I became a coach, I found myself wandering over to other athletes and helping them with a lift or a skill. I love that I get to help others move better and live a healthier & more fulfilling life. I am very passionate about CrossFit and the amazing impact it can have in so many people’s lives.

Tell us a little about you, your background, and anything else you would like to share: Growing up, I was not a very athletic person and lacked self-confidence. I loved, and was always dance and cheerleading. I was naturally very thin, ate what I wanted and thought I was pretty healthy. It wasn’t until I had my first child that I became interested in joining some sort of fitness center and improving my health. I then realized how out of shape I really was and I also realized what a stress reliever working out was for me. Eventually I wanted to step out of my comfort zone and try this thing called “CrossFit” – I was hooked from day one! CrossFit has helped build my self-confidence, helped me become mentally strong, taught me how to live a healthy life style, and has introduced me to some amazing people – whom are now good friends.