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6 Tips To Enjoy a Healthy Thanksgiving

6 Tips to Enjoy Thanksgiving Without Loosing Sight of Your Goals.

Dress to impress.
– Think about wearing something nicer and a little more form fitting. Leave your baggy clothes in the closet for another day. Fitted pants, a tailored shirt, or maybe a fitted dress would all be great options. You are less likely to overeat when you are wearing clothing that is a little snug. If you can make it though the meal and not feel like you need to undo the top button on your pants, you are good.

 Eat Before the Feast.
– By eating prior to the big meal, you won’t be as hungry, and avoid over eating. Look for healthy low calorie options about an hour prior to feast time. If you show up for the meal with an empty belly, you are just asking to over eat.

 Try Cauliflower.
– One of our favorite dishes this time of year is mashed potatoes. This is also one of the dishes that is very commonly over eaten, and high in carbs and fat. Swap out your spuds for cauliflower. Try boiling cauliflower, and mash it up with skim milk, garlic, salt, pepper, and even a little low fat cheese or chives.

Choose Alcohol or Sugar.
– We know 2 of the worst things we can consume are sugar and alcohol, so lets try to limit our day to one of the options but not both. Either go for the pie, or the eggnog. Try to avoid washing down your sweet desert with a high calorie alcoholic drink. If you do go with the alcohol look for low or zero calorie mixers, light beers or wine. Moderation is ok with either of these, just don’t overdue it.

Fill Your Plate 1 Time.
– This time of year is all about enjoying the company of others, and celebrating together. When it comes to meal time, enjoy the foods you like. An easy way to avoid over eating is to make your plate with what you want on it, and do not go back for seconds. Limit yourself to 1 trip.

– Before or after the meal look to stay active. Maybe you go outside and play football with family and friends, or get a workout in early in the morning before the festivities start. Run around and play with the young kids in the house. Even helping clear the table, help put things away, and do dishes can burn extra calories. Try to avoid sitting all day, and over eating during meal time.

Use these tips to enjoy your thanksgiving, but still stay on track with your goals.

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Take Back Your Health: Do you not have time or do you lack motivation ?

 So you want to start exercising, or at least you know that you should probably be a little more active than you currently are. However, its seems day after day, and week after week you just can’t seem to make it to the gym. You keep telling yourself “next Monday” I am going to start, and then next Monday, and then the next, and so on. If you have ever felt this way, the good news is you are not alone. Many of us know in our heads that we should be a little more active, but just can’t seem to put it into action.

     I would venture to say if asked, most people would simply say they do not have time to workout. Sure life is busy with work, family, friends and countless other activities, but do you truly “not have time”, or is it just not a priority.

     Busy as our daily lives may be, there seems to be little trouble in finding time for television, social media, and countless other meaningless tasks. If you can’t find time to prioritize your health now, imagine down the road trying to fit in multiple doctors visits. Will you have the time and money for medications for things like high blood pressure, high cholesterol or even diabetes. Will you miss out on times playing with your kids and grandkids because of preventable health related issues?

Try some of the following strategies to help you prioritize your health once again.

1.Make A Plan:

Just as with most things, the best way to make time for a new fitness routine is to have a written plan. Schedule your exercise into your day, maybe it is first thing in the morning, during your lunch break, or even on your way home from work. No matter when it is, plan for it, and WIRTE IT DOWN.

2. Find Five Minutes:

Even if you think you have the worlds busiest schedule, you can still find a little time for yourself. Yes, you may have to look a littler hard for the time, but start small and build up from there as your routine grows. Find 5 minutes a day for a walk, then try extending it out for 15 or 20 minutes of activity. If you look, there are a lot of great regimented classes out there that can have you in and out in 60 or even 30 minutes. Start small and build as you go.

3. Limit Screen Time:

Most of of spend a shocking amount of time looking at a screen. It may be a phone, tv, tablet, or even smart watch, but chances are whatever you are looking at is nothing more than a mildly amusing waste of time. Now, I’m not saying never look at a screen, or enjoy those things, but set a limit, or time frame when you are able to do so. If we can trade 30-60 minutes of screen time, for exercise, the results can be drastic.

4. Be Motivated By Money:

If your anything like me, you hate wasting money. Use this to your advantage by signing up for a group classes, or personal training sessions. These are both ways not only to get you motivated by working with others, but because you had to shell out a little of your hard eared money you are much more likely to stick with it.

5. Think Positive:

Negative self talk can be a killer when it comes to finding motivation to do anything. Many of us may not even realize out negative thoughts, or how they are affecting our actions. An example of negative self talk would be something like, “I am too busy to workout today”. Try to re-phrase this in a more positive light by saying, “I am going to make myself a priority today” or “I am going to do something active today”. This slight shift in the way we think about thinks can have a profound effect on the way we act, and think about things.

6. Make It A Date:

Many of us struggle to find for date night, let alone time to workout. Try to combine both into one. Take your date to a dance class, try a yoga class together, or maybe cycling is more your thing. What about a walk in the park or hike through the woods. Do you both enjoy tennis, skiing, or any other activities. Think outside the usual dinner and a movie when it comes to date night.

7. Find A Cheerleader:

If you are lacking motivation, find someone else to help with emotional support. Talk to a family member, friend or even coach / personal trainer. Explain to them what your goals are, and ask them to help keep you motivated, and staying positive. When you are positive about something, you are much more likely to find time to do it.

8. Bring The Family:

Do family obligations prevent you from making it to the gym, or exercising? Bring them along with you. Many gyms and other facilities recognize this is an issue for a lot of people these days, that is why most of them will offer some sort of child care, or kids room, where your little ones can play while you get in your exercise. Also,schedule in family activities, like bike rides, hikes, soccer games, and swimming. When your kids see that exercise is important to you, it will likely become important to them as they grow older.

9. Hit “Play”:
Are you at home most of the day, or maybe there isn’t a gym near by. Perhaps there isn’t a lot of money left over in the budget to hire a personal trainer. Workout DVD’s are a great cheap and convent way to stay active. Pop one in while the kids are down for a nap, and get your exercise in, in the comfort of your own home.

10. Rise And Shine:

For many of us, the longer the day goes on, the busier we get. Try getting your workout done 1st thing in the morning. Yes, I know that means getting out of bed sooner, but if you can get into a solid routine, early morning workouts will be a breeze for you. You can then go through the rest of your day knowing you already spent time on yourself.

11. Intensity:

When you are short on time, look for workout options that are a little more intense. Intensity doesn’t need to be interpreted as a bad word, or something only those crazy people do. Intensity is completely relative to you, and your needs. Look to stay focused in the gym, or try a high intensity or CrossFit group class. By pushing yourself harder, you are able to speed up your results, and get you in and out of the gym quicker. Gone are the days of spending 90 plus minutes in the gym.

12. Wear A Pedometer:

Just like tracking food, tracking your movement is a great way to see just how active you really are, or maybe are not. Setting a step goal for the day is a great way to get you up and moving. On many smart watches, there are also reminders that you can set that will alert you when you have been sitting for too long. This is a great time to take a quick break and take a 3-5 min walk.

Use these ideas to help you take back your health. Start off small, and build momentum as you go. If you are interested in group classes, personal training, or help with nutrition planning please sign up for a FREE No-Sweat intro session with one of our staff members.

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Do you have an upcoming event that you want to look you best for? Are you looking to add a little strength for an obstacle race next spring? Maybe your just wanting to feel a little better, and gain back some long lost energy that seems to be missing. No matter your reason’s we are here to help. Our customized fitness classes along with our proven nutritional guidance are guaranteed to get you just the results you have been looking for.

There is no special diet pill or quick fix, but with your commitment and dedication and the knowledge of our professional coaching staff, we know you will find just what you are looking for.

We invite you to join us for 7 days of unlimited FREE classes. From October 23rd – 29th all of our scheduled class times will be FREE for you to try. Come as many times during the week as you want! No experience is needed, and signup is not required. Our staff will modify all workouts to meet your exact needs. All you need to do is show up!

For more information, or to answer any questions, please contact Coach Conor at Conor@aberrantcrossfit.com

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S.M.A.R.T Goal Setting: Stop Dreaming & Start Achieving

No matter who you are, or what stage in life you are in, we all have things in life that we want to achieve. If we close our eyes, we all can envision ourselves in the future. You probably see yourself with more money, a better job, more free time to spend with family and friends, and in great shape.

But, thats all we seem to be doing. We’re just dreaming.  We’re hoping that somehow in the next few years this future version of ourselves will somehow just happen.

Dreams, by definition are just something that we “hope” will happen. The unfortunate thing is hope alone will not turn your dreams into reality, we NEED action. In order to turn your “dream” into reality, you need a plan, and that plan should consist of goals.



Not Specific


Not outcome-related




Lack a plan


Always out of reach


Examples: Dreams

  • I want to run a marathon
  • I want to compete in a CrossFit competition
  • I want to be rich
  • I want to be lose weight

Examples: Goals

  • I can do 5 Pull-ups in a row after doing 30 days of pull-up practice
  • I have a net worth of 100,000 by my 30th birthday
  • I have increased my lean body mass by 5 pounds, and lost a total of 7 pounds within 3 months

Setting S.M.A.R.T Goals 

The S.M.A.R.T goal system is a way of helping you develop your goals in a detailed way. By following these 5 steps you will be able to dig keeping into your goals, and give yourself a clear view of where you want to be, and how to get there.



The first thing you need to do is make sure that your goal is specific. Generalizing when setting a goal is a recipe for failure, because you don’t know exactly where you are headed. Lets use our weight loss example. Your goal may be to “look skinnier”, however this is very general. To make this more specific, your goal may now be, I want to reduce my overall body fat.



You must be able to measure your goal in some way: This will tell you what you need to accomplish your goal. Going back to our “I want to reduce my overall body fat” goal, we must figure out how much body fat we want to lose, so that you can measure progress along the way. Lets go ahead and re-word our example to “I want to lose 15 pounds of body fat”



Your goal must be realistic. There should not be any doubt in your mind that you can actually accomplish your goal. Yes, It will take some work, but you should know that by putting in the work, you can accomplish it. An unrealistic goal might be something like “I want to lose 15 pounds of body fats by the end of next week”. A healthy weightless plan should be to lose 1 – 1.5 pounds per week. Knowing this, to make our goal attainable, we can re-word it to ” I want to lose 15 pounds of body fat in the next 12 weeks”.



     You goal needs to fall in line with something that you are trying to accomplish. If your goal is weight loss, it is likely because you have an upcoming event that you want to look your best for, or maybe you have decided to make healthy choices in your life to set a good example for your children. A goal of :losing 15 pounds of body fat in 12 weeks” will certainly help you achieve this. On the other hand, if your goal is to save enough money by the end of the year to go on a week long vacation, your weight loss goal will not help you do that.


Time Bound: 

Your goal cannot go on forever. It needs a finite ending date or time by which you want to achieve your goal. By having a time restriction, you are able to check your progress along the way, and even set even smaller goals to help you as well. If you goal is to lose 100 pounds, you may need well over a year to accomplish this goal. If you are looking to lose 10 pounds, you may only need 8 weeks. Make sure your time restriction is in relation to what your goal might be. Our time restriction for our goal is 12 weeks “I want to lose 15 pounds of body fat in 12 weeks”. We could even have mini goals along the way to check our progress, and to keep us motivated. We know can see that every 4 weeks we need to lose 5 pounds of body fat.


Another Example:

You want to increase your cardio because you have a long walk into work everyday, and have to go up and down many flights of stairs throughout your day.

Goal –

“I want to run 1 mile in under 8 minutes within 4 months time”.

SMART check:
Specific – run a mile in 8 minutes or less

Measurable – 1 mile in 8 minutes

Attainable – is this a realistic goal that we can actually pull off within our time constraints? Absolutely!

Relevant – will improving our mile time make it easier to walk up the stairs at work? You betcha!

Timely – we have 4 months to accomplish this

After setting your goals, a few things you can do to help you achieve success are..

  • Write them down
  • Share your goals with other, or on social media. This will help hold you accountable.
  • Start with small steps, don’t try to do it all in one go.
  • Ask for help, whether it be from friends for encouragement, or a professional trainer to help guid you through an exercise routine.
  • Celebrate small wins along the way. This will help you stay motivated along the way.
  • A slip up is not the end of the world. Don’t get discouraged, this is bound to happen at sometime.
  • Always remind yourself of your gaol.


Use these steps to help develop S.M.A.R.T goals in all areas of your life. Do this, and you are bound to achieve that vision of yourself you see in the future.

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I am sure this quick story is something that we all can relate to, it goes a little something like this… You have a goal, whether it be at work, the gym, home, or financially, and you are super excited about it. Everything sounds great in your head, and you cannot wait for what the future is going to have for you. Maybe its the next day or two, or the next week, but inevitably you find yourself unable to take action towards your goal. This is so frustrating isn’t it? You know you want to achieve your goal, and that it will help you out, but you just can’t find the motivation to complete it. The difference for many people between happiness, and a general depressed or un-happy feeling is you ability or inability to achieve the goals you have set for yourself in all areas of life. Staying motivated is key to achieving any long term goals. Whether you want to start your own business in 5 years, or drop 10 pounds before the holidays, motivation is key!

Motivation is controlled almost entirely by 3 factors..

  1. Desire (A.K.A. Importance) 
  2. Courage (A.K.A. Confidence) 
  3. Resources 

The good news with these 3 factors is that you are in complete control of all of them. This means you are in the drivers seat when it comes to your level of motivation.

The first step in addressing your motivation issues is understanding that you have an issue with is (just go ahead and admit it, this is a problem for you). This means seeing that you are not as far along with your goals as you would like to be. Now go ahead and forgive yourself, we all have motivation issues. When you hear someone say that fear can control you, this is what they are talking about. Now lets take control back.

Grab a sheet of paper, and at the top of it, write your goal at the top. Be as specific as possible. Under your goal, go ahead and now write where you realistically think you should be with it by now. Lastly, and be honest with yourself, write down where you actually are at with your goal. Here is an example of what this might look like..

GOAL: I will go to the gym to workout 4 days per week, to hit my 20 pound weightless goal by December 25th

PROGRESS I SHOULD HAVE MADE SO FAR: I should have lost 8 pounds by now, and have less belly fat

PROGRESS I HAVE MADE: I have missed a lot of session due to a busy work schedule. This has also led to me eating a lot of fast food, and find myself on a weightless plateau. Im disappointed in myself so far.


Be sure to write all of this down. By writing it down you are actually making a commitment to yourself to stick with it. Now we can go ahead and  discover where your motivation issue lies.



  • Write down the 3 factors that we talked about earlier (Desire, Courage & Resources). Then give each one of them out of 10, with 10 being the highest.
    • How important is the goal to you (Desire)
    • How confident are you in yourself to complete the goal (courage)
    • Do I have what I need to complete the goal (resources)

Add in a little sentence about why you gave each category its score.


Desire – 5/10: I know my heath and weight loss is important, but at the end of my busy work day, I am really tiered, and just want to relax and have a beer. 

Courage – 9/10: I live right down the street from the gym where my friends go. I have no issues with confidence there. 

Resources – 10/10: The gym programs all the daily workouts, is easy to get to, and even helps with nutritional advise. 

  • Just by looking at this quick exercise, we can see in this example that the problem lies in your desire to complete the goal. You can see you are confident you can achieve it, and you have the resources to complete it, you just don’t have the needed desire to complete it.



Lets take action on the problem area. You may find an issue with multiple areas, but pick the lowest scored category, and attack that first problem. Remember we don’t need to try to fix the entire problem in a day, and if you do take that approach, you will likely get even more discouraged. Don’t try to take your score from a 5 to a 10 right away, rather try to take it from a 5 to a 6, and then to a 7 and so on. This small action may almost seem too easy, but it will inevitably start a snowball effect.

Ask yourself… “What can I do to raise my score from 5 to 6” 

Brainstorm ideas simple ideas on how to raise your score in that category. Maybe you will listen to your favorite playlist on your way to the gym to get you pumped up. Change your workout time from after work, to the morning so that you have no excuses of being tiered from work. Tell a coach or workout buddy your plan, and have them hold you accountable.



Lets go ahead and test the plan. Take a week or two and implement your plan to up your number. Set a date to come back and score your motivation factors once again. It is important to be completely honest with yourself here. Remember you are going to be the only one to see this. When you re-score your factors compare them to your old numbers, and see if your low category has increased. If it has, then we are on the right track. If the number has not increased, no need to get discouraged, we just need to re-adjust the plan of attack. Keep trying, and your perseverance will push you through.

It is very important for you to be completely honest with yourself. You are in control of these factors, and only you can adjust your level of motivation. If you are not honest with yourself, this exercise unfortunately will not work for you.

Be prepared to only make small changes at 1st. When you lack motivation you will likely notice lack of energy and creativity when trying to come up with way to adjust your plan of attack. If needed you can always look up different ways other people have overcome similar issues. Having a coach, or trusted friend comes in great when you are having motivation issues.

Write everything down, and always remind yourself of what your goal is, and why it is important for you to achieve it. 


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Don’t Let A Crazy Work Schedule Get In The Way Of Your Health

Busy schedules seem to be a way of life for everyone now. Whether you head out of the door before the sun comes up, a night shifter, or all around workaholic, try using these tips to make your daily workout, work for you.

  1. Make your health & fitness a priority 

If your not making time for fitness, eventually illness will catch up to you, and cost you more in the long run. We generally make time in our day for the things that we deem important, and your health should always be number one. If you are in poor health, you are unable to do so many of the other important things like play with kids, take care of your work, and anything else you may enjoy doing.

If fitness is not a top priority chances are you will find other things to get in the way. Put your health first.


2.   Be Realistic 

Don’t try to do too much too soon. If you you start to miss too many workout classes or training sessions due to your crazy schedule it is likely your may become discouraged, and stop all together. Start slow, and build momentum as you go, and see more and more results. This may mean attending two classes per week or meeting with a personal trainer 1-2 times per week. Try filling in the rest of your time with activities at home, or solo sessions at the gym.


3.  Make Time Work For You 

No matter your work hours, you can have a consistent schedule just like everyone else. Consistency is key when it comes to implementing anything new into your daily routine. If you have an every changing schedule, try using the sleep enhancing benefits to your advantage. Changing schedules can be terribly difficult you adjust to, however routine exercise can help increase overall mood, increase your interaction with others outside of work, and provide a great outlet for stress.

No matter your schedule try working out in your “morning”, no matter what time of day that is.


4. Prepare Ahead Of Time

Whether you are working out before or after work, being prepared will help avoid any reason not to workout. If you are an early riser, lay out your gym gear prior to going to bed, along with anything else you may need in the morning. If you plan to hit the gym after your shift, pack your gym bag, and take it with you, so you can go straight from work, to the gym. Failing to plan is planning to fail.


5. Its All About Nutrition 

No matter how much time you spend in the gym, you cannot out train a good diet. Your nutrition is the number one factor when it comes to your overall health and wellness. Exercise is a great compliment to a healthy diet, and will jump start your exercise results but none of it is possible without a balanced diet. Diet not only has effects on weight loss and body composition, but also skin, hair, mood and more.

*Remember you will never out-train a poor diet.


Try using these tips to achieve a good balance between prioritizing your health along with your busy schedule.

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Double Under Program

Progression 1: The Jump
Start by practicing jumping on the balls of your feet with a tight, straight midline, and neutral spine.
While you are jumping, think about pulling the knees up and landing on the balls of the feet with the heels gently kissing the ground – similar to running – instead of kicking the feet behind you (donkey kicking), pike jumping (like a dolphin kick), or tuck jumping (super high, knees to chest jump).
Here are some common faults to be aware of and work on correcting with this first progression: the traveling double under, donkey kick, throwing chest forward, tuck jump, arms flying out to the side, and pike jump with legs straight are all examples of common faults.
These faults disrupt the ability to jump efficiently, as well as losing the midline stability during the jump. Athletes should be jumping with feet under the hips toes pointing forward and their jump should be virtually silent – no stomping.
Homework: Most people should be able to jump lightly on the balls of their feet with a neutral spine and hands slightly out to the side. If this isn’t possible, continue working here on progression 1.


Progression 2: The Single Under
For the rope placement, make sure you can see your hands and that they are close to your body and slightly out front. If your hands are way out to the side, the rope will become higher to jump over and potentially impossible to make.
The jump should be the same as progression 1, relaxed and easy on the balls of the feet with a strong midline.
Next, focus on keeping the shoulders back but the upper body and arms relaxed. “Relax your face” is a good cue.
To spin the rope double time, practice a flick of the wrist versus the whole arm twirl – like shaking their hands dry – while keeping elbows in towards the body rather than out to the side.
Homework: Even the single under is challenging for many so until you are a single-under ninja, you shouldn’t be moving on to attempt the double – the neurological component isn’t there yet. Continue working here on the single before moving on.


Progression 3: Jump, Jump, Jump, Explode! (Double-Under Attempt)
Single, Single, Single then Double attempt. Finding an even cadence with the singles and then attempting the double usually assists athletes in finding that pace with the double-under. Frequently, when trying to go for a double-under right out of the gate, people tend to try to go too fast and cannot find the correct timing.
Focus here should be on trying to keep the speed of the jumping the same throughout and trying to speed up the rope on the double-under attempt. A common fault is to double jump as you double spin but please understand that the jump for the double is more explosive than the single jump and that you need to be jumping higher and spinning the rope faster at the same time to make the double-under happen. It’s kind of like rubbing your stomach and patting your head at the same time.

Other common faults will appear here more frequently, perhaps more than earlier on. The tuck jump is the most common. If you notice this happening, try to “make yourself long” or “jump tall” – both are are good cues to straighten you right out as is the good ol’ “chest up”.

Cues for common faults
The Traveling Double-Under
Pick a focal point and keep your eyes on that. Double-check to make sure you are jumping on the balls of your feet with your heels gently kissing the floor, pulling the knees up as you jump rather than kicking back with heels behind you. Make yourself long and jump tall! You can even practice this without a rope, then pick it right back up.
Draw a circle on the ground and them try to stay within it
Use a video to check to see if you are leaning or throwing yourself forward in the jump. If so, practice Step 1 a few times before resuming your double-under attempts.

The Donkey Kick, Pike Jump or Chest Forward Jumps
Pick a focal point and keep your eyes on that. Double-check to make sure you are jumping on the balls of your feet with your heels gently kissing the floor, pulling the knees up as you jump rather than kicking back with heels behind you. Make yourself long and jump tall! You can even practice this without a rope, then pick it right back up than kicking back with heels behind them. Tell them to “make themselves long” or “jump tall”.
Homework: If you are not getting consistent double-unders on the fourth attempt, keep working on progression 3. Once the double-under is happening consistently (about 10-15 reps, with singles in between) you can start to take away the singles.


Progression 4: Remove Single-Unders from in between Double-Under reps
Start to take one away at a time; that means single, single, double-under instead of single, single, single, double-under.
If you are proficient at the double-under with two singles between, then take another single away until you’re attempting to make your double-unders without singles in between.
Homework: Keep removing singles until you are proficient at double-unders without single jumps in between.


Progression 5: Correct Common Faults
Once you are completing consecutive double-unders successfully, begin correct any common faults that may occur.
It’s very possible for you to be making successful connection of double-unders but be kicking your feet forward or tuck jumping or any of the above common faults that can cause the movement to be more challenging and taxing than it need be.
Homework: For those who can do the consecutive double-unders but larger reps escape you, set a goal for after the workout (or before, but I find after is a good time to practice) maybe the first few days it’s going for 30, then the next time it’s 40 and so on. Before each jumping session you should perform 10-20 reps of each of the drills as a warm-up.










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“Today is going to be the best day ever”, “something good is going to happen today”, “I have enough, & I’am enough”. 


Why are we starting with this you may be asking. As you hop out, or for some crawl and drag yourself out of bed each morning, try starting your day off with a positive mantra. Yes, I know your probably thinking right about now, that there is absolutely nothing positive about your alarm going off and having to get out of your warm bed, but you have to so you may as well have the best attitude about it possible. Force yourself each morning to say whatever positive mantra works for you. Sure this will take some time, and forcing yourself to do so, but I promise it will pay off.


What makes up a good day or bad day is not typically the events that occur throughout the day, but rather your reaction or response to them. If you don’t run the day, the day will run you.

You want to put your mind in a GOOD state right away… because if left unchecked your brain will try to tell you things that are wrong. If you are focused on negative things, you will likely notice more negative things. I want you to focus on positive things, so you see more positive, and have a great day!

An example of this is.. Remember back to the last time you bought a car, and you probably picked one that you thought set you apart or that lots of other people do not have. You start to drive around to show all your friends your new car, and you start to see tons of other cars that are the same make and model you just bought. Now it is very unlikely that the car market for the car you just bought has gone up drastically in the past few days, rather you are just starting to see them because you are focused on the one you just bought. Nothing has changed since you bought your new car other than your focus on the car. If you want to try this out, just think of a type of car and pay attention to how many of them you see. As you drove to work today you probably didn’t notice how many Ford F-150’s drove by because it is not where your focus was. Now on your next drive try to see how many F-150’s you see, it is likely they will seem to be on every street. Not because there is suddenly more of them, but because your focus has switched to noticing them.

I want this same thing to happen with your mind set. I want you to focus on the good, and notice the good. It is hard to have a bad day when your focus is on how much good is really out there.

Benjamin Franklin , started and ended his day by asking himself two self-improvement questions: In the morning he asked himself “What good shall I do this day?” In the evening he asked himself, “what good have I done today?”

Pick a phrase, or question that works well for you. Something you can relate to or that fits your situation. Say your mantra with a smile on your face, and feel ready to have a great day.



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Whether you want to lose weight for appearance reasons, are looking to complete a fitness goal such as an obstacle race, or just overall health, weight loss is a long journey. If weight loss was a book, losing the weight would only make up the first chapter or two of the book. The rest of the book would all be about keeping the weight off. Maintaining the figure that you worked so hard to a achieve takes persistence and dedication. Below are just a few tips to hep you combat yo-yo dieting, and a constant cycle of weight gain and loss.

Tracking everything that you eat is a great way to see what you are actually putting in your mouth. This not only allows you to track your progress as you go, but makes you aware of all the food you really eat. It can be very easy to have a little cheat snack here and there and forget about it, but if you have little cheat snack, along with cheat meals, before you know it your back to gaining weight. By writing everything down you are able to see what you are eating, not forget about it, and make any necessary healthy adjustments. Whether you want to write it in a journal, or use an app on your smart phone, tracking your food is key to maintaining and continuing your weightless journey.

Try not to look at your new style of eating as a diet. See it as “making healthy lifestyle changes”. You want to instill long term good nutrition habits. If you are on a “diet” that usually means you will do great for the duration of the diet, then fall back into old habits once it is over. Those old habits are what we are looking to change. Fad diets tend not to work in the long term because they are too restrictive, and virtually impossible to sustain over a long period of time. Fad diets do not address eating habits, they generally just involve restriction of a type or amount of food. Developing habits is key to long term success. If your struggling with ideas on what to eat, when to eat, portion sizes, and the grocery store leaves you overwhelmed… Check out out FREE No-Sweat into, to learn more about how our staff can help not only with fitness, but nutritional guidance and support as well.

Eating healthy, and working out go hand in hand when it comes to weight loss, and keeping the weight off. If you find exercise painful, and something you despise, chances are you wont stick with it very long. Even if you know its good for you, if you do not enjoy it, it is very difficult to motivate yourself to go. There are tons of different programs, gyms, and classes out there, that you should be able to find something that you enjoy. If yoga is too slow pace for you, try a bootcamp or CrossFit class. If those seem a little too intense for you, maybe try a cycling class, or kick boxing. If you are looking for something low impact try a Zumba or swimming class. There really are options for everyone out there. Without exercise it will be difficult to maintain your weight loss. Remember with any exercise program, try not to jump in head first. Try to begin slow, and build your strength and endurance over time, so that you do not burn out during the first week. Even taking the dog for a walk or hike will get you up and moving, and burning calories.


If any of this seems confusing or overwhelming we invite you to talk to one of our staff members, who will help develop a plan and recommend a routine that will work best for you.


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Ever tried coconut aminos? If not, you may be missing out dearly. 

This is a soy-free and even tastier equivalent to any of your typical soy sauces. Coconut aminos are a geo-free, aged organic coconut tree sap that can be waltzed as a great additive to many types of food including fish, and sautéed vegetables, rice or rice noodles, chicken, and whatever else you can think of

You should be able to locate this product in the health market of any of your favorite grocery stores.

Following this recipe for a great “ALL-IN-ONE STIR FRY”


4oz Rotisserie Chicken Breast (Skin & Fat Removed)

2oz Sweet Potato

2oz White Potato

1/2 Cup Broccoli Chopped

1 Zucchini

1tsp Olive Oil

2-3 tbsp Of Coconut Aminos

Pinch Of Garlic

Pinch of Pepper




  1. Pour 1 tsp of olive oil into non-stick skillet
  2. Spiralize zucchini & potatoes, and chop broccoli
  3. Place zucchini, potatoes, and broccoli and the pan and cook for about 8 minutes until ingredients have began to soften
  4. Shred chicken and add to stir fry
  5. Continue to cook and stir everything for about 3-4 minutes before adding in the coconut aminos. Add any extra seasoning if preferred
  6. Put on a plate and enjoy hot! Add in extra coconut aminos if desired.

If you want to meal prep this meal, double or triple the ingredients and separate into containers. To add more protein, add in more chicken, or add a fried egg. Adding 1/2 an avocado is a great way to add in more fat.



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